Getting Rid of Red Pimples


If you wonder how to get rid of red pimples, then you are not alone. A lot of people complain especially about these bright sores on the face.

One of the best tips on getting rid of them is not to pick them. Picking at the red pimples and spreading pus will just cause outbreaks in nearby areas. You are essentially spreading the infection when you are doing this.

Make sure that you put acne cream on the sores to help them heal faster. Cream with benzyl peroxide or a Retin A cream will help. These creams can be purchased after a doctor’s visit and a prescription.

Also, a person can always buy concealer for day time use. This will cover up the offending spots. It helps with confidence to just cover up the blemish and move on with the day. It might not be easy, but consistent treatment will eventually lessen the frequency of the bumps.